Counselor-In-Training Program

Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Program


Being a CIT gives you a unique training opportunity that will serve you well should you ever desire to return as a camp counselor, work in daycare or after-school programs, or become a coach or mentor for younger kids. Our CIT program is specifically designed for teens looking to develop their leadership skills and who are interested in working with kids.

2022 Sessions

Long Session 1 (June 26 – July 15, 2022)
This 3-week program will not include the Ellis and Associates Lifeguard Course. Cost: $1880

Long Session 2: July 17 –  August 12, 2022
This 4-week program will include the Ellis and Associates Lifeguard Course.
Cost: $2415

About the program

We teach critical counseling skills, behavior management, and instruction techniques. CITs will work with our staff as assistant instructors in the various program areas across Tockwogh. You will also be assigned a cabin to help with everything from planning cabin activities to working with homesick campers. Camp is after all about learning through positive relationships and our counselors are role models for our CITs as much as they are for campers.

By the end of the month, you will become better at understanding group dynamics, working with children, developing skills in others, and taking initiative. You will also find a confidence in yourself that only comes from having supervised and supported others. It is an amazing feeling. The opportunity you have to make a positive, lasting impact on the new generation of Tockwogh campers is one not to be missed!

In addition to all of the on camp time, the CIT’s also go on an overnight camping trip to get away from camp, enjoy each other’s company, reflect and celebrate all that they have learned throughout the month.

CIT applications are accepted throughout the year, though it is highly recommended that they are sent in early. The application process consists of a written application, 2 written references, and an interview. Being a LIT is not a requisite for the program.


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Merit-based scholarships

We are offering a merit-based scholarship for the CIT program (Long Session 1).

If you have any questions, please email Krista at 

What we are looking for in a scholarship winner:

  • Someone who is a positive impact on those around them 
  • Displays our values of honesty, caring, respect, responsibility, and inclusion 
  • Has an interest in being a leader and working with kids
  • Could benefit from 3-4 weeks away at camp in our leadership programs gaining new skills, confidence, and independence!

To apply for the merit-based CIT scholarship: CLICK HERE

To nominate a teen you know for a scholarship: CLICK HERE

If awarded the scholarship, participant/parent/guardian will be required to pay a $75 registration fee (Program value $1880-$3440).

Nominations close April 15th. Scholarship recipients will be notified April 18th! If an individual does not receive the scholarship, they are still eligible to register for the program and/or apply for financial scholarship. 

For registered CITs:

CIT Welcome Packet 2022

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In addition to camp counselor training programs, Tockwogh offers Leaders in Training.