Summer Camp Email and Photos

Camp uses a service called Bunk1. Bunk1 provides a service for e-mailing campers, a camper reply service and the ability to view camp pictures. To participate in the e-mail services of Bunk1 you will pay them directly on the Bunk1 website. For the safety of your child, parents have control over who e-mails your camper; you may invite others to e-mail your camper. E-mails are printed and delivered daily Monday – Friday. There is a reply option you may choose allowing your child to write you a letter and have it sent to you electronically. Throughout each camp session pictures are taken and posted on the Bunk1 site Monday – Friday. You are able to log on and view these pictures at no cost; however for safety reasons you must register on the site. You also have the option of purchasing pictures and gift items. A one time security approval code will be
provided to you by camp.