Work at Camp Tockwogh

Do you love the outdoors and have a passion for working with kids? Are you looking for a fun, unforgettable, exciting summer?

Apply to work at Camp Tockwogh! Our summer camp staff begin working on varying start dates in early and mid-June 2023 until August 20th, with the option to stay until August 27th for family camp!

Staff Summer 2023 application now open!

Application Information

  • Camp Tockwogh offers a competitive summer camp salary, with room and board included. 
  • You must be one year out of high school by summer 2023 to apply unless you have participated in the 2022 CIT program.
  •  Whether you’re applying to work at Tockwogh for the first time or returning for another fantastic summer, please complete the whole online application.
  • We require all staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (including booster when necessary). We will provide an opportunity for boosters/vaccinations during staff training week.
  • First time staff will need to submit 4 references before arriving to camp.
  • If you have not already created a username with the new online application, please create a new user by clicking on the button labeled “Create New Username” at the bottom left of the page.

Year-Round Positions

Maintenance Staff / Day Custodian – Full-time or Part-time – Click here


Cabin counselors have the most important job at camp- being a positive role model every day for our campers! You along with your co-counselor or CIT will lead a cabin of 7-9 kids during their time at camp. That’s everything from waking them up in the morning to leading their nighttime Devotions cabin chats, to  creating meaningful relationships and providing guidance during things like peer conflict or homesickness. Don’t worry- we provide extensive staff training that focuses on child development and behavior management! 

As a cabin counselor, you will also double as an activity instructor! Be sure to check out the various activity positions available.


As a Sailing Instructor, you will be teaching campers with various skill levels all about sailing! Our fleet includes Flying Scots, Sunfish, Lasers, and a 27-foot Catalina yacht that we call “Big Boat.’’ With a mixture of dry-land lessons, leading group sails, or being a “tender” for our independent sailors, sail staff spend their day harnessing the wind of the Chesapeake Bay. 

During your first weeks at camp, you will receive a Maryland Safe Boating license, Lifeguard certification, and hands-on sailing and motorboat driving training. 

Previously sailing experience is preferred! Sailing Instructors are also Cabin Counselors. 


Our Water Skiing Instructors spend the days on the water, whether it’s driving our motorboats, “spotting,” or assisting our beginner skiers in the water. Nothing is better than watching a camper get up on skis or land a 180 on a wakeboard for the first time. During staff training, you will receive a Maryland Safe Boaters license, open-water lifeguard certification, and hands-on boat driving training.

No previous water sports experience is required! Ski Instructors are also Cabin Counselors. 


Do you love relaxing on the water or playing some fun games like canoe dodgeball or paddleboard yoga? Then paddlesports is perfect for you! With kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and corcls, there are lots of ways to get around and experience the Chesapeake. All paddle staff will receive a lifeguard certification while at camp and hands-on paddle training! Previous paddle experience is a plus but not required! Paddlesports Instructors are also Cabin Counselors. 


Spend the summer days at the Tockwogh pool! As a lifeguard, it is your job to make sure all of our campers are safe while swimming. This includes guarding the pool, conducting swim tests, teaching swim instruction, and everyone’s favorite job- waterslide duty! Lifeguard certification not required to apply – we will provide a certification course during staff training! 

Prior swim instruction experience is a plus, but not required. Lifeguards are also Cabin Counselors

Have lifeguard or management experience? Ask about the Pool Director position!


Serve, hit, spike, dunk, and shoot! Do you love sports? Then the athletics staff is the perfect place for you! Our wide range of activities include: archery, axe throwing, gaga ball, tennis, basketball, soccer, mountain biking, yoga, rugby/lacrosse, football, and volleyball. Each period, you will be assigned a class to teach with a mix of drills, games, and recreational play! 

Love of sports is the only thing required! All athletics staff will receive USA Archery Level 1 certification. Mountain Biking staff should have previous experience. Athletics staff are also cabin counselors!


Nothing says summer camp like tie dye and friendship bracelets! On Fine Arts Staff, you will lead the campers in camp’s favorite crafts and creative activities. Our programs include: Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Guitar, Newspaper, Dance & Drama, and Jewelry.

Experience required for Guitar instructors. All other activities only require a creative mind! Fine Arts staff are also cabin counselors.


Develop your teaching skills while caring for camp’s favorite four-legged friends! The Equestrian Staff care for our nine horses (and one pony!), instruct riding lessons, and lead trail rides. 

Previous riding experience is required and teaching experience is preferred. It is preferred that equestrian staff arrive in mid-May to assist with the arrival and training of the horses. 

Equestrian staff are also cabin counselors! 


Spend summer 40ft up in the air! Like a bit of adventure? Not afraid of heights? Ropes course staff is for you! After an extensive five day training, you will be able to facilitate all of our ropes course programs including the climbing wall, giant swing, leap of faith, full challenge course, zip line, team building and low ropes course. 

Prior ropes course or climbing experience is a plus, but not required. Ropes staff are also cabin counselors!

Have challenge course or management experience? Ask about the Ropes Course Director position!


Teach kids about the great outdoors! Our Outdoor Exploration program teaches campers about the natural area, wildlife, and outdoor survival skills. As OE staff, you will stoke the fire for cooking, identify native species, and show the campers how to appreciate their natural environment. Programs include Survival Craft, Outdoor Cooking, Nature, Bay Adventures and more! 

No experience required but a knowledge of local fauna and flora is a plus! OE staff are also cabin counselors.


Looking to get experience managing others? Want to help out camp behind-the-scenes? Camp Tockwogh is looking for summer staff to round out our Admin team! Positions include:

  • Parent Liaison
  • Camp Driver
  • Teen Leadership Program Director
  • Activities Coordinator
  • Activity Area Directors
  • Office Assistant
  • Wellness Center Staff
  • Camp Craft

For details on these positions, click the different tabs above. 

Most positions require you be at least 20 or 21 years of age!


Each activity area at Camp Tockwogh has a lead counselor or director.  In this role, you manage the instructors of that activity, assist in scheduling, inventory equipment and supplies, oversee the day-to-day instruction of the activities, and more! This is the perfect job for anyone interested in gaining leadership and management experience. Positions include:

  • Pool Director
  • Fine Arts Director
  • Outdoor Education Director
  • Athletics Director
  • Ropes Course Director
  • Equestrian Director
  • Sail Director
  • Waterskiing Director
  • Paddlesports Director
  • Waterfront Director
  • Assistant Waterfront Director / Boat Maintenance
  • Land Activities Director

Experience required varies based on activity area. Some positions live in staff housing, while others are also cabin counselors. Prior camp experience is preferred for these positions!


Our Camp Driver is responsible for all camp transportation and our fleet of 6 mini-vans and two camp trucks! You will be picking staff and campers up from the airport, helping staff sign out vans for their days off, running errands in town, joining CITs on their off-camp trip, and more! When you’re not out on a “run,” you are free to relax on camp and take part in any camp activities.  

Must be at least 21 years of age and have valid driver’s license. CDL not required! This position lives in staff-only housing.



Want to make in impact? In our Teen Leadership Programs, you will help teens gain confidence, build lasting friendships, and grow as leaders. Camp Tockwogh offers month-long Leader-In-Training (LIT) program for 16-year-olds and the Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program for 17-year-old. If you have interest in working with teens – this position is for you!

We hire 4 LIT Directors and 1 CIT Director for the summer. These roles oversee the LIT/CIT experience: providing and upholding expectations, facilitating daily leadership workshops (aka Leadershops!), checking in at various camp activities, and building relationships and providing guidance to our participants.

The CIT Director lives in staff-only housing while the LIT Directors live in the Conference Center with the LITs! LIT Directors lead a 3-day off site hiking/camping trip while the CIT Director accompanies the CITS on a whitewater rafting trip and through lifeguard training.

21 and older applicants are preferred!



Spend your summer in the office A/C answering phones, helping parents, and assisting with office admin tasks.  Perfect for anyone looking to get office experience while still having some camp fun! The Office Assistant is also in charge of the Camp Store! Help the campers pick out camp swag and record their account balances.

The Office Assistant lives in staff housing.


As a Parent Liaison, you are the communicators between parents and their campers. You call home for homesick kids, make sure every camper has what they need to be successful at camp, and implement our parent communication plan – this includes delivering “bunknotes,” helping campers with post cards home, and calling all new camper parents within 72 hours of their child’s arrival. Parents are leaving us with their prized possessions, so we want to ensure they feel confident in their child’s safety and ability to communicate with camp when necessary.

This role is perfect for communication or education majors, or those looking to work on their office and communication skills.

Parent liaisons can also be cabin counselors or can live in staff housing.



Do you love puzzles? Then Activities Coordinator is the job for you! You will be responsible for all the activity scheduling including pre-sign up organization, running activity sign-ups during the campers first night at camp, managing activity rosters, and switching campers’ schedules as needed. Help campers choose their activity schedules and get into their “must-haves!” You must be organized for this position!

The Activities Coordinator lives is staff housing. No prior experience needed other than organizational skills!


Camp Tockwogh’s Wellness Center is the “nurses office” of camp! As wellness staff, you will assist in the handout of medications and provide care for any of our camper’s or staff’s medical needs. You will work closely with the volunteer nurses in treating campers and gain first aid and medical knowledge. When campers need to see a doctor, you will assist in their telehealth visits or accompany them to the local doctor’s office. This job is perfect for nursing students or anyone interested in a medical profession!

Wellness staff will receive a CPR/First aid training at camp and are also typically trained to be Med-Tech (certified for medication distribution). No prior medical experience is required, but an interest in nursing or medicine is preferred! Wellness staff live in the wellness lodge. This position can qualify for internship or clinical hour credit.



Are you a doctor or nurse and would like to spend a week or two at summer camp? Each session, we have at least two certified nurses on site and are always looking for more to join our team! You will work with our summer wellness center staff to distribute meds and provide basic medical care to our campers and staff.

There are volunteer options, paid options, or work-trade for those who would like their child to attend camp! If interest, please email Liz at


Camp outs, campfires, and hosting day groups – this position does it all! As camp craft, you main job will be planning and facilitating “camp outs” or 1-night onsite camping trips for our 10 and 11-year-old campers. Help them cook dinner over the campfire, learn about “leave no trace,” and spark their love of the outdoors! This position also helps make campfires around camp, so a good fire-maker is a must! Additionally, you will spend some days as a host for YMCA day groups that visit our camp for field trips. A great way to gain some leadership and customer service skills!

No prior experience is required – just a love for camping and the outdoors! This position lives in staff housing, but may spend some nights out camping!


Have a passion for photography? Put it to good use at camp – taking picture of campers in action and having fun around camp! As the camp photographer, you roam around different activities and events to capture photos to post online for parents to see and to post on our social media accounts.

Prior photography experience is preferred! The camp photographer can also be a cabin counselor or live in staff housing.


Village Chiefs – aka the “VC” – leads one of our 6 village age-groups. As a VC, you lead the cheers in the dining hall, plan village activities, organize Tockwogh Games, and supervise your village’s staff and campers. This position is a great way to gain some management experience!

Previous experience is camp is preferred! VCs live in staff housing.



Want to help behind-the-scenes? Our support staff keep camp running!

Open positions include kitchen (cook assistant or dishwasher) or maintenance (repairs and housekeeping).

Our support staff can either live together in a cabin or live in a cabin with kids. Options may be available for those to live locally to commute.


Working in the camp kitchen, you will help the camp chef prep for the upcoming meals, keep the Dining Hall clean and organized, and work in the busy “Dish Pit” washing the dishes! The camp kitchen is a lively and upbeat environment.

No prior experience required!


Help us keep our campgrounds in order! Learn how to do minor repairs to our structures and equipment, maintain our ground, and keep buildings clean.

No prior experience required!



Why Work at Camp Tockwogh?

Something for everyone! No matter what your interests are, you’ll find something to love at Camp Tockwogh!

Make new friends and memories that last a lifetime and meet incredible people from all over the world!

Become a mentor and make a make a big difference in the lives of the campers you serve.

Challenge yourself by working in a new place. Camp Tockwogh will provide all training necessary and give you an opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and explore new boundaries.

Live, work and play in a beautiful environment. Choose from eleven different areas including sailing, waterskiing, paddle sports, fine arts, athletics, outdoor exploration, ropes course, administrative staff, wellness, and lifeguarding.

Find unique opportunities for personal and professional growth. Gain numerous skills that can be added to your resume including leadership, event coordination and planning, and time management.

Have fun and be silly with like-minded people.

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